How To Create a 6-7 figure High Ticket Ecommerce Business & Generate Your First $1k+ Day In 90 Days Or Less So You Can achieve Financial Security & Freedom
  •  7 Week Premium training (100+ Lessons)
  •  Complete Google Ads Academy
  •  Copy & Paste Templates + Theme
  •  Everything you need from 0 to 6-7-Figures automated
  •  Private Mentorship Community
  •  Lifetime access + updates  
  •  Insane Bonuses worth over $10k
    $5,991 Everyday Price
    $997 - Today Only
    Or 5x Payments of $397
    The Ultimate High Ticket Ecommerce System
    High Ticket Ecom Blueprint is the ultimate 7 week High Ticket Ecommerce program with proven and tested methods, strategies and formulas that guide you step-by-step to help build your own profitable High Ticket Ecommerce business so that you can finally get the financial security and freedom you and your family deeply want.

    It will allow you to have less stress in your current business or job. It will enable you to quit your 9-5 job and work for yourself.

    It will allow you to finally be successful and worth something.

    It will allow you to buy things for your love ones without thinking about it.

    It will allow you to control your time, your income and your freedom.

    It will allow you spend more time with your love ones.

    By successfully implementing the content in this program, you will be able to generate your first $1K+ Day with 1 product sold in less than 90 days or lesss with your High Ticket Ecommerce store.
    You don't have to have any tech skills or previous business experience at all, this easy to follow program contains everything you need to know.
    100% Money-Back Guarantee
    We are confident in this training program and the results it brings. However We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will evaluate your progress to ensure you're happy. We are taking all the risk with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
    Master Google PLAS & Search Traffic
    The techniques taught in this program are tried and tested. They are responsible for generating over $11k+in 1 day and over 6 figures in advertising through the Google Ads Platform.

    In this program you will learn exactly how to harness the power of paid traffic to target, test, scale and retarget customers to explode your high ticket Ecommerce business with a flow of daily High Ticket customers.

    It doesn't matter if you've never ran a paid advert before, or if you have made a few sales, this program covers it all from the basics to advanced strategies to take you from 0 to 5 figures per day.
    The Ultimate High Ticket Ecommerce System

    Proven System

    Our process is proven, we've turned creating a profitable Hight Ticket Ecommerce business into a system. From building your High Ticket store to hiring & managing a team, follow it all step-by-step.

    Learn Underground Secrets

    Learn the secrets that 99.8% of new marketers do not know. This program will teach you the insider 'tricks of the trade' so you can avoid the common mistakes and leapfrog ahead.

    Copy & Paste Profits

    We do the heavy lifting for you, you'll get a range of high-converting copy & paste templates that will bring you fully automated additional profits for your Ecommerce store.

    Expert Mentorship & Community

    Everyone needs a little help on a personal basis. Get access to millionaire experts on Facebook via a private inner circle group, and full support.
    Coaching Program Content and Schedule
    Your step-by-step blueprint to creating a profitable High Ticket Ecommerce business
    Here's What Others Have to Say
    These people have all taken action and followed our proven strategies to help them succeed
    Valentin Success Story
    Mo Success Story
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    Some of Our Results
    Our goal is to TRANSFORM your life.
    Additional Perks of Joining
    Everything you need, plus more. The ultimate learning experience
    Lifetime Access
    This program grants you lifetime access to updates, new strategies, insider tips and tricks to help you stay ahead of the curve and on top of your game.
    Learn and network with like minded entrepreneurs who are having success with ecommerce so you can grow and scale your business.
    Learn Anytime, Anywhere
    The High Ticket Ecom Blueprint program is presented to you via a step-by-step revolutionary e-learning platform that you get access to.

    The program material is presented in a number of formats from powerpoints to over-the-shoulder in-depth tutorials that you can follow along to.

    Access the training anytime, anywhere either on your desktop, laptop or even on-the-move on your mobile phone anywhere in the world. Learn the way that best suits you.
    Here's a Summary of Everything You Get
    Our step-by-step 7 week proven system will help you create your own profitable High Ticket Ecommerce business
    •  7 Week Training Program
    •  Complete Google Ads Academy
    •  Copy & Paste Templates
    •   Lifetime Access To Updates
    •   Private Inner Circle + FB Group Mentorship
    $5,991 Everyday Price
    $997 - Today Only
    Or 5x Payments of $397
    100% Money-Back Guarantee
    We are confident in this training program and the results it brings. However We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will evaluate your progress to ensure you're happy. We are taking all the risk with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
    Frequently Asked Questions
     I know nothing about Ecommerce or Google ads is this for me?
    Of course! You do not have to have any experience selling online or any technical skills for that matter. The program is laid out in easy to follow step-by-step format that covers things in great detail no matter what experience you have. By going through the course will go from complete beginner to a professional marketing ninja.
    If you make all this money, why sell your secrets?
    There's couple reasons'

    1, The Average Millionaire has 6 streams of income, so our stores are doing FANATIC'S in the tune of $10k+ days. I have a team operating them so I don't have to be there. So I have invested in Property, technology companies and me sharing my secrets will allow me to Serve the world unselfishly & make a profit doing so.

    2. Giving Back, there's this thing called '' Cause and effect'' so me giving back and making other people successful with my experience will make me more successful and get me in touch with big influencers to serve the world more while making a profit.
     I’ve tried Ecommerce before and failed, how will this help me?
    This program is the result of 4+ years in Ecommerce and over $2,000,000+ spent in paid advertising. The strategies and methods in this program are proved, tested and bulletproof which have helped me personally generate over $3,000,000+ and counting across multiple Ecommerce stores.
    People just need the right guidance and after spending a lot of money on something you learn what works and what doesn't, this program will help you avoid all of the common pitfalls 99.8% of marketers make.
     I’ve made a few sales online can this help me get to the next level?
    If you already have experience selling online then that is great, this course contains advanced strategies that have helped me hit $50,000+ per day and 7 figures per year. If you are looking to take things to the next level then this is exactly what you need.

    In this program you will find valuable secrets and tricks that can take you from getting 1 or 2 sales a day to a constant stream of daily orders. Or, if you are making 4 or 5 figures a month, then this course can help you get to 6 figures a month and even 7 figures a year. If you are looking to take things to the next level then everything you need is here.
     I can’t afford this program, is there anything you can do for me?
    Yes, we have a payment plan option so you can pay the program off overtime.

    If you can't afford the program then you are someone who needs the program. Knowledge is power and investing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do in life. Shift your mind from "I can't afford this" to "How can I afford this?".

    There are many ways you can finance this program such as interest free credit cards, PayPal financing, borrowing money from friends and family or even selling something. When you successful implement the program, the return on investment on this will outweigh any of the upfront costs.
    With the monthly payment plan all you need is just $397 to get started instantly.
     How long will it take me to see results from this program?
    That is purely down to how fast you go through the course and take action. Some people start making there first $1,000 from the first month they start, others like to take their time and work through things a little slower so it takes longer. The important thing is that you take action on the information you learn.
     I work a full time job, how much time will I need to dedicate?
    I started my first Ecommerce store when I was working a full time 9 to 5 job. I would come home, eat, rest for a bit then work on my business for the rest of the evening. If you can dedicate 3-5 hours per week then you will be able to work through the program.
    If you truly believe you are destined for better things in life then you will find the time to dedicate. There is no such thing as 'too busy' when it comes to working on your dreams.

    Remember, this program can be accessed anywhere, anytime via our e-learning platform. So you can watch it on your daily commute, or on work breaks, anywhere in the world in your own time. All future content and live streams will be recorded in the same format so you never miss a single thing.
     How is the program different from others that are out there?
    High Ticket Ecom Blueprint is truly the ultimate High Ticket ecommerce program out there, heres why:
    Proven System

    The process is proven, I've spent 4+ years and generated over $3,000,000 from selling products online. I now know what works but most importantly what doesn't. I've turned creating a profitable Ecommerce business into a system that you can run from anywhere in the world. From building your store right correct way to profitable running Google ads to hiring & managing an Ecommerce empire, follow it all step-by-step in this program.

    Learn Underground Secrets

    Truth is, there is a reason why the top marketers do well with Ecommerce while others don't. The reason is because they know things that can only come from experience. In this program you will learn the secrets that 99.8% of new marketers do not know. This program will teach you the insider 'tricks of the trade' so you do not make the same common mistakes.

    Copy and Paste Profits

    Within this program you'll get a range of high-converting copy and paste templates that will bring you fully automated additional profits for your Ecommerce store. These are the exact same templates and scripts I use in my current stores to help bring in an additional sales without spending time, effort or energy.

    Expert Mentorship & Community

    One way to be successful is to surround yourself with people who are successful in what it is you want to do. It's not a great idea to ask those who are not running a business how you can improve yours. That's why we've developed a private inner circle community for program members to connect, network and help each other grow.

    I get asked everyday by outsiders if I offer coaching and consulting calls and I routinely decline them unless you're willing to pay $1,000 per hour. I value my time and information so I prioritise my program High Ticket Ecom Blueprint members. When you join the High Ticket Ecom Blueprint program you'll be able to get prioritised direct access to myself within the inner circle private mastermind.

    You'll also get direct access to other successful Ecommerce experts on Facebook.

    This blend of education, support and community is exactly what you need to help you achieve success.
     How can I get enrolled?
    Scroll to the top of this page and complete the enrollment form. It should take no more than 60 seconds. 
     What will my friends and family think?
    People are scared of change. Your friends and family might laugh if you tell them you’re starting your own online business. Don’t listen to them. Success in business is a personal journey. If you really are worried about what others think, don’t tell them you’re starting a business until after you’re already successful.
     Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, Scroll up
     Is it hard to cancel??
    You’re getting LIFETIME ACCESS plus updates to High Ticket Ecom Blueprint with no recurring billing. You pay once and get access forever if you choose the 1 time price. Payment plan you can email We also have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you sign up, do the work, and within 30 days you decide High Ticket Ecom Blueprint is not for you, and we have seen you have tried  you’ll get full investment back. There is no risk involved on your end. If I cannot help you make money, I don’t deserve yours.
     Is High Ticket Ecom Blueprint right for me?
    We have successful students of all different ages, races, and nationalities with all different levels of previous experience. The one thing that separates our successful students from our students who never take action is those who succeed know their why. If you’re motivated, if you really know why you want to create a second stream of income, and if you are not afraid to follow instructions, then this is right for you and you have my full support.
     How much time do I need to invest?
    After your store is live, you can expect to spend 15 to 30 minutes each day on operations.
     I’m not going to be able to start my store for a couple months, should I hold off on joining?
    Don’t wait! This offer won't be available for long. When you enroll right now, you will get grandfathered into our current pricing with lifetime access to our training and all future updates.

    Even if you enrolled today with no plans on starting until early next year, the savings you’d get right now is worth it.
    Do I need to be in the USA to start a High ticket ecommerce business?
    No!  I am not in the USA, I have students successfully doing it in Europe, Asia, south america. This business can be started even if your not a USA resident. We will show you what to do. It's very simple. 
    How Do I find Suppliers for high ticket?
    We will show you how to do this.
     Do I need to be making money with low ticket before I can join High Ticket? 
    No! The reality is high ticket is less stressful, more profits, less efforts then low ticket dropshipping. This High ticket program is designer for complete beginners to advanced.
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